Mobile Marketing’s Virtual Home Service (VHS) will save you time and money by reducing the number of in-home trips you and your team take to address customer service issues and file claims.

VHS streamlines warranty and claims support by allowing you to speak with your customer through video chat so you can see issues as if you were in their home with them. The service allows you to immediately diagnose, support, and resolve cases, as well as take photos remotely and record videos with your customers that you can send directly to claims departments and manufacturers. 

You can provide instant support for your installation team and conduct remote inspections upon job completion. Since more business is conducted virtually now, VHS is also designed to help you increase sales by allowing you to meet your customers exactly where they are, in the comfort of their own home. You’ll be able to help them choose the perfect flooring for their space as you see rooms in real time.

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  • Reduce trips – Respond to issues without driving across town to your customer
  • Handle issues quickly - Eliminate sending installers or other team members to clients to gather details
  • Save time - Connect directly with your customer during their initial call
  • Improve customer experience – Solve simple issues fast and improve customer service and customer reviews
  • Easy escalation – Quickly identify issues and send the appropriate team to respond
  • Documenting job completion – Confirm when installers and contractors complete their task
  • Reduce fraud – Have a customer verify their identity for delivery or online orders
  • Streamline warranty and claim support – Fully document issues and submit claims to the manufacturer with close-up pictures, videos, and detailed notes
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One Step Connection

To use Mobile Marketing’s Virtual Home Service, all you have to do is send a text message to initiate a two-way video connection. It is that easy. VHS is compatible with smartphones (iOS and Android devices) and does not require you to download an app. The one-step video connection allows you to instantly speak with your customers, installers, or on-site project teams. VHS allows you to take and save photos instantly, record videos, take notes, chat, annotate, save, and push information. You can even add another party to the call.

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